Avoid accepting personal injury compensation from insurers

Being involved in a road traffic accident can be a traumatic experience. Whiplash and neck injuries are amongst the most common injuries sustained in an RTA and it is expected that victims will lodge a personal injury claim if they have suffered these.

More and more insurers are now offering personal injury compensation to victims by contacting them directly in the hope they will settle quickly. But claimants are warned to take care before accepting such settlements from insurance companies.

One firm of personal injury solicitors recently said that claimants should not feel that they are pressured into accepting the sum offered by insurers and should instead seek advice from suitably qualified experts. In some cases, the compensation awarded can be 15 times greater than that offered by an insurance company.

Neck injuries can appear like minor problems at first but they can lead to long-term problems later. If a sufferer accepts a quick settlement they may not be able to make a future claim later down the line.

In other news, schools in Suffolk have had to pay out nearly half a million pounds in personal injury compensation other the past three years. The largest individual payout was £150,000. 25 claims were successfully pursued against council run schools in the county and although it is believed that indemnity insurance would have covered the bulk of the compensation, an excess payment would have to have been paid by the council for each incident.

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