Personal injury solicitors may target Sutton High Street

After two additional personal injury claims on the new Sutton High Street, concerns have been raised as to how soon personal injury solicitors may descend upon it.

One of the most recent reports of injury involves an elderly woman’s trip and fall off of the town square development’s new raised ‘stage’ section.  The elderly lady sustained injuries to her head and back when she plummeted to the ground below.  She required a visit to hospital to help treat her injuries.

The High Street’s ‘stage’ section claimed another injury victim in an unrelated accident.  One night a cyclist fell off the end while travelling at speed.  No medical records were available regarding the individual’s injuries but eye witness statements indicate that the cyclist may have suffered a broken nose in his crash.  The injury was not life-threatening, yet some reports indicated that the cyclist was bleeding profusely after the incident.

Locals are unsurprised by the injuries.  Many have described the raised area have referred to the raised stage area to being akin to an infinity pool that prevents people seeing the edge until they are too close to th edge to stop safely.

Sutton Council has already received five claims for personal injury compensation allegedly  lodged against them.  These claims were already filed prior to these two newest injuries.  No information regarding the success of these claims is available at this time, though all five cases are still ongoing at this time.

One council spokesperson stated to the public that safety audits and safety considerations were integral parts of the design of the town centre.  The spokesperson did add that the council was carefully considering whether there were additional measures to be taken that may highlight the edges of the town square more clearly.

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