Exaggerated personal injuries are a major cause of concern

If you’ve ever wondered why your car insurance premiums keep on rising, the results of a new survey, conducted on behalf of a leading insurance company, will provide the answer.

According to Which? over 1,200 people suffer whiplash injuries from road traffic accidents every day in the UK. A lot of these injuries are minor but they still account for between 60% and 80% of all the personal injury claims that are related to motoring accidents.

250 GPs were questioned in the and a massive 92% of them admitted to seeing patients who exaggerated the extent of their injury in an attempt to secure a large personal injury compensation payout. The doctor’s also said that the most commonly exaggerated complaint was whiplash.

A spokesman from a firm of personal injury solicitors said that whilst everyone has sympathy for people who have suffered a genuine injury, the system should have no place for those who purposely lie about their condition for purely financial gain.

It’s not an easy task for companies to prove that a claim is fraudulent but the problem has got so bad that insurance companies are now indulging in covert surveillance.

Claimants who are found to have made a false claim will have to pay costs and their compensation award will either be reduced or denied.

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