Personal injury at work compensation for hearing defects

Loud noises in the workplace have led to 60 workers receiving personal injury compensation.

Personal injury at work awards have been made to former employees of Foden Trucks in Sandbach after they suffered hearing loss attributed to the high noise levels in the factory.

Foden’s insurance company has agreed to pay the victims, who now suffer from such hearing impediments as tinnitus, due to excess exposure to noise between 1959 and 2001.

The personal injury solicitors who have been working on behalf of the sufferers said that some of the claimants could receive as much as £12,000.

Since the initial personal injury claims were lodged, more ex-workers have filed claims for compensation. Solicitors acting for Foden say that compensation will be paid to any worker who can prove hearing loss.

Workers in the factory were subjected to the loud noise made by various air-powered hand tools but they were not given any form of hearing protection.

The last truck was produced in Sandbach in 2006 bringing to an end an era that lasted for 150 years.

One ex-employee said he worked for Foden for 33 years and now continually hears a noise like that of a car engine ticking over. There’s no cure for the condition and hearing aids bring no relief. He said that many employees in heavy industry suffered work related injuries through no fault of their own and they deserved to receive compensation.

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