Disabled woman files personal injury claim following nursing home accident

After an accident involving severe burns from a scalding-hot bath at a nursing home, one disabled woman has suffered serious personal injuries.

28 year old Jeanette De Bono was in a residential care center for her neurological disorder at the time of the incident in 2002.  Her burns were so severe that she required intravenous pain relief, her personal injury solicitors told the High Court.

The nursing home firm responsible for Miss De Bono’s injuries agreed to substantial personal injury compensation for the injured woman.  Nursing staff misinterpreted the woman’s distress at being submerged in the painfully injurious bath for the onset of an epileptic fit, court documents reveal.

Miss De Bono suffers from Retts Syndrome.  As a result of her illness she has no verbal communication, has severe learning disabilities, and suffers from epilepsy as well.  Her needs are currently being met in close proximity to the home of her parents, Joyce and Errol, in Taunton, Somerset.

Defendant Wellcare Nursing home expressed deep regret for the injuries Ms De Bono suffered at the hands of their staff.  The personal injury settlement will provide the injured woman with such equipment as a vehicle to permit the family to go on outings together in addition to a powered wheelchair for Ms De Bono’s personal use.

The judge described the injury the woman sustained as an appalling one.  He additionally stated that as the claimant had no way to communicate her distress as she was lowered into the blisteringly hot water, the horrible result was an extreme physical reaction that staff misinterpreted as an epileptic fit.

Wellcare Nursing had stated at an early stage of the legal proceedings that it would be responsible for all of the financial consequences of the disabled woman’s injuries.  However due to the disabilities she already possess, Ms De Bono’s injuries had been difficult to ascertain.

“It is plain that Miss De Bono has devoted and loving parents and it is plain that they have, on her behalf, been very well advised,” the judge added.

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