Victim wins compensation with aid from injury solicitors

After enlisting the aid of personal injury solicitors in her personal injury claim, one road crash victim has been awarded with £19,000 in compensation.

The 32 year old female was riding as a passenger in a car that crashed whilst en route to Malton in North Yorkshire.  The woman asked to remain unnamed in the media.

The woman’s arm injuries were so serious that they precluded her from returning to work for a significant amount of time.  Additionally she required not one but two surgical procedures to correct her problems.

Initially, the victim’s car insurance company offered only £3,000 in personal injury compensation.  However, after seeking the advice of personal injury solicitors she has now earned a £19,000 compensation award to cover her lost earnings and her  pain and suffering.

The woman commented that at first her insurance company placed her under a large amount of pressure to accept their £3,000 offering.  She had also been told that she did not need any kind of legal representation.

Both drivers and passengers may be eligible for a personal injury compensation award if they were hurt in a road crash.  Many such injured parties could benefit from seeking advice from injury specialists at a reputable law firm.

One legal industry insider commented that it’s in the interest of insurers to press for an early settlement in an injury compensation claim.  However such a push for settlement is rarely in the best interests of the injured party.  Rarely are injuries completely straightforward, nor are the consequences of such injuries entirely predictable, continued the legal expert.

Recommendations for every case are both to pause in order to ensure the recovery period is as brief as possible and to obtain legal advice in order to cover all aspects of a given claim.

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