Stillborns caused by medical negligence devastate parents

NHS statistics show that five in every 1,000 UK births are stillborn. At 0.5%, that may not seem a large percentage, but for the parents concerned it is devastating. To make matters worse, some of these cases were stillborn births caused by medical negligence and should have been avoided.

One such example is the case of a British couple, Katie and Robert Page, whose son was stillborn in 2009. The couple has since filed a clinical negligence claim against the Worcestershire Royal Hospital and won a five figure medical negligence compensation award.

The medical negligence claim stated that a number of bad decisions were made by the professionals looking after Mrs Page. For example, her pregnancy had already been identified as high risk and yet the induction of labour was postponed.

The Page’s medical negligence solicitor commented that it was upsetting enough to lose a baby but to find out that the death was avoidable was very hard for the couple to accept. Money will never fully compensate for the loss but parents want to bring the guilty party to account and force change in maternity practices to make sure the same mistake does not happen again.

In some instances, these cases can drag on for years, which only serves to exacerbate the parents anger and suffering, and it is therefore in everybody’s best interests to achieve an early settlement.

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