Medical negligence compensation award for birth complications

One family has recently been awarded medical negligence compensation due to the birth complications of their new infant daughter.

According to her personal injury solicitor, Christine Taylor’s delivery went normally even though her child’s umbilical cord had become wrapped about the infant girl’s neck.  The Brixton native had asked for a caesarean section to be performed by King’s College Hospital staff but due to a misjudgment regarding the size of Mrs Taylor’s daughter, obstetricians instead chose to conduct a standard delivery.

This choice resulted in several birth complications.  As a result, Mrs Taylor was in substantial pain throughout the delivery.  Additionally her child was diagnosed with Erb’s Palsy after her birth.  After taking their case to the High Court, Mrs Taylor and her family have been awarded £400,000 in personal injury compensation for medical negligence.

One NHS Foundation Trust spokesman for King’s College Hospital expressed their best wishes to the family following the court’s confirmation of the settlement amount.

In the wake of the hearing, Mrs Taylor stated that she felt extreme relief in securing justice for her daughter.  The new mother remarked that she hoped lessons were learnt by obstetric staff everywhere after she spoke out against the pain and suffering she and her family had been subjected to.

Mrs Taylor’s daughter is now six years old.  At the time of her birth she weighed in at just over 11 pounds.

In related news, Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals Trust recently issued a formal apology to the mother and father of Theo Kramer.  The child was left quadriplegic after suffering delivery-related injuries during his birth nine years ago at Edgware Community Hospital.  The hospital trust agreed to pay in excess of £6 million in compensation to the boy’s family.

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