Personal injury at work suffered by Somerset man

After he fell from a platform that had been jury-rigged to a forklift truck’s raised forks, one Somerset man suffered a severe personal injury at work.

Yeovil native Douglas Mowat had been working to replace a bulb in a marker light located at the back of a high-sided wagon at Vincent’s Car Sales Ltd’s repair shop at the time of the incident, according to his personal injury claim. The step ladder his employers had provided him with was too short to complete his task, which led Mr Mowat to construct his makeshift platform.

According to his personal injury solicitor, the Somerset worker asked a colleague to raise the forks of the repair shop’s forklift truck after he had placed a metal cage on them.  He then stood on his improvised platform as it was raised into the air.

The metal cage Mr Mowat had been standing on slipped off the forks as it was being raised to the needed height, resulting in the worker tumbling to the ground beneath.  Mr Mowat’s injuries included a badly bruised shoulder in addition to an elbow fracture.  The worker still experiences back problems that are thought to have resulted in the fall as well.

Mr Mowat’s employers, located in Vincents Chambers In Yeovil’s Market Street, were found guilty of breaching the Health and Safety at Work Act.  As a result, Vincents Car Sales Ltd was ordered to pay a fine of £5,000 in Bristol Magistrates’ Court.

The Health and Safety Executive’s investigation revealed that Mr Mowat’s employers neglected to carry out proper risk assessment activities regarding work that involved high sided vehicles.  Moreover the HSE found that Vincents Car Sales Ltd did not have a safe working system in place for its employees.

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