Fireman nearly killed by pothole-related crash

One fireman was nearly killed after he was sent flying when his bicycle hit a deep pothole, according to comments from his personal injury solicitors.

49 year old Tony Clough traveled over his bicycle’s handlebars upon hitting a pothole that measured 5 inches deep.  As a result of the accident Mr Clough suffered a dislocated finger, bruises, and deep horrific cuts to his face that his doctors tell him could leave him permanently scarred for the rest of his life.

According to Mr Clough’s injury solicitors, the fireman needed to miss five weeks of work while his painful injuries began to heal.  The Padiham native stated that he could have been killed if there had been a wagon or car behind him.

The incident occurred while he was on his way home, traveling along the A6068 bypass in Padiham after leaving Nelson Fire Station.  It was raining and dark, Mr Clough’s personal injury claim explained, but his bicycle was equipped with powerful lights in order to allow him to cycle safely.

Despite these safety precautions, the fireman failed to see the pothole.  The next thing he remembered, he was flying over the handlebars, only to land with a sickening thud to the wet ground.

The eight year fire service veteran stated that the damage to the roadway that caused his injuries was less of a pothole and more akin to the kind of crater one would find on the surface of the moon.  He was in excruciating pain for the first week following the incident, though he does say that his injuries are still painful even now.

The deep cut he suffered to his finger requires physiotherapy on a regular basis, stated Mr Clough.  When he tries to use it or bend it, it is still very painful and sensitive, he added.

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