Prank caused man to suffer a personal injury at work

A company from Peterlee has been ordered to pay compensation to a man who suffered a personal injury at work.

46 year old William Jones was an employee at TRW Systems, a company making car parts. In 2006, Jones was victim of a prank which left him permanently disabled. Without warning, a colleague leapt on his back and he heard part of his spine pop. Mr Jones had to undergo spinal fusion surgery and face the start reality that he will never be able to work again.

Jones now relies on care from his family. He filed a personal injury claim against his employer and argued successfully that the company was responsible for its employee’s actions.

TRW systems has admitted liability and said they will pay out a substantial amount in personal injury compensation for Mr Jones’ pain and suffering.

According to recent research findings, almost one in eight businesses report that the most common reason for employee absence is musculoskeletal disorders.

Meanwhile, the Transport Select Committee has accused insurance firms of encouraging people to make personal injury claims. Its report states that some personal injury lawyers are paying insurers and garages to give them information about people who have been involved in motoring accidents.

Motor insurance premiums are set to rise by 40% this year and the biggest factor driving the increase is the escalating cost of injury claims.

The Committee also pointed out that the no win, no fee promises on offer from personal injury solicitors are driving up the cost of motor insurance as well as leading to a rise in the amount of staged accidents on our roads.

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