Pensioner wants £10,000 personal injury compensation after dog bite

A 71 year old pensioner has lodged a personal injury claim against the Metropolitan police force after he was bitten on the leg by a police dog.

Last July, Brian Kiddell was tending to his allotment behind Kingston Rugby Club, little aware that a police chase was in progress. A German Shepherd police dog mistook Kiddell for the suspect and mauled his leg, leaving him badly scarred.

Mr Kiddell said he had just picked up his hosepipe when the dog charged at him and grabbed his ankle. Not only did he sustain an injury to his ankle, but the dog’s teeth moved further up his leg. The noise of the police helicopter drowned out his screams. An area on his leg, of around six inches, still shows the teeth marks.

After the incident, the police dog handler visited Kiddell and told him that the dog had witnessed a violent attack just a month ago and might have mistaken the hosepipe for a weapon.

Mr Kiddell used to work with personal injury claims and he said he was now holding out for £10,000 personal injury compensation.

The police have so far made him two offers, one of £2,100 and a more recent one of £4,200, both of which have been turned down.

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