Sussex schoolboy seeking personal injury compensation

One schoolboy from Sussex is seeking a substantial personal injury compensation award after he suffered serious injuries in a car accident that left him with a fractured skull, stated his personal injury solicitors.

The young boy had been walking down East Sussex’s Polegate High Street with his mother at the time of the accident.  He was only eight years old when a Toyota Yaris mounted the pavement and collided with the child, who declined to be named to the media.

Both the child and his mother sustained severe, life threatening injuries in the incident.  The child’s personal injury lawyers remarked that the severity of the damage was enough to necessitate an airlift to Eastbourne Hospital.  The head trauma suffered by the boy was serious enough to require emergency brain surgery, which he underwent at King’s College Hospital after being transferred there.

It has been four years since the incident that left the now 12 year old boy suffering from epileptic seizures and severe headaches thought to be associated with his head injuries.  The boy has since filed for compensation of at least £100,000 at the High Court, claiming that the female driver of the Toyota Yaris should be held responsible for her actions.

In addition to the epilepsy and debilitating headaches the schoolboy now suffers from, he also maintains that both his ability to concentrate and to remember important facts has been compromised by his head injuries as well. This could lead the boy to also seek compensation for future earnings losses as well, legal experts said.

The female driver’s legal team declined to take an opportunity to comment on the legal proceedings at this time.  The driver’s identity is also being withheld from the media, as court documents refer to her simply by the initials PXB.

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