Heavy handed massage leads to personal injury claim

Two Virgin Atlantic airline masseuses were recently awarded $482,000 personal injury compensation after they developed repetitive strain injury.

Michelle Hindmarch, aged 35 and Jayne Evans, aged 40 had to give up their careers after they sustained chronic muscle pain from massaging first-class passengers in the airline’s Heathrow airport lounge.

The two ladies lodged a personal injury claim against the airline and during the hearing, the High court was told that the majority of the male customers required their massage to be performed with heavy hand and finger pressure.

Virgin Atlanic accepted liability for the personal injuries sustained by the women but did contest the amount of compensation claimed as well as the extent of their disabilities.

Meanwhile, personal injury solicitors report that hundreds of young people are attempting to sue local councils for negligence after social workers’ failed to protect them from domestic abuse.

Sarah Erwin-Jones who is a solicitor acting on behalf on local councils said these type of cases were both expensive and time-consuming. They can cost as much as a medical negligence case but the compensation awarded is on the same scale as that for a minor traffic accident.

She also pointed out that it took years to settle a typical case and therefore concerned events that happened several years ago. In many instances, it would be better for victims to apply to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority rather than bringing a civil case for negligence, she concluded.

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