Nurse claims £200,000 after personal injury at work

A Yorkshire nurse has lodged a personal injury at work claim against the Scarborough and NE Yorkshire NHS Trust.

The 57 year old ultrasonographer is claiming personal injury compensation to the tune of £200,000 after sustaining injuries she claims were caused by overwork.

Mrs Julia Graham had to have two operations on her injured shoulder and claims the trust breached its duty of care by failing to conduct risk assessments and failing to reduce her workload even though it was known that she had an injury. The trust has admitted liability but claims contributory negligence on Graham’s part.

Graham started working at the Scarborough and Malton Hospitals in 1997. Her job entailed scanning patients and carrying out admin work. In 2007, a colleague took sick leave and Mrs Graham said she was forced to cover the absence which meant she was doing the work of two people. Around this time, she began to suffer problems with her shoulder.

Part of her job entailed leaning and twisting her body. She also needed to input data and adjust controls with her left hand. She found this more difficult if a patient was pregnant or overweight.

In January 2008 the shoulder pain became unbearable and she took sick leave from work. When she returned, she discovered that her workload was still the same and no allowances were made to help her cope with her injury. In July 2009, she had an operation on her right shoulder but her symptoms returned when she went back to work.

Mrs Graham had a further consultation with her doctor in June last year and was told she was unfit to work a sonographer. She then had another operation the following month.

Personal injuries at work are more common than you might think. If you are unable to work due to an accident or injury sustained in the workplace, you should contact a personal injury solicitor for advice.

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