£50 million in personal injury compensation due to potholes

The UK has experienced a large rise in the number of personal injury claims caused by potholes over the last couple of years.

The unusually cold winter weather has led to local councils being forced to pay out more than ever in personal injury compensation. They will no doubt be relieved that George Osborne released a further £100 million into the pothole repair kitty when he delivered his budget on Wednesday.

A spokesman from the AA said that potholes have caused serious injuries and in some cases even the death of road users. Cyclists are particularly vulnerable to harm and personal injury solicitors are kept busy filing claims for injuries including broken wrists.

Motorists find that the axle and suspension of their vehicle can get damaged when their motor hits a pothole. It is estimated that these problems costs £2.8 billion a year. The AA went on to say that there is a shortfall of around £1 billion every year in the budget for road maintenance and local authorities pay out in excess of £50 million in compensation as a result.

Because local authorities are responsible for the upkeep of Britain’s highways and byways, they are liable for damages to people as well as vehicles.

Philip Hammond, the transport secretary, said the increased funding allocated in the budget should allow millions of motorists to enjoy a safer journey.

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