Musician wins £1.1m in personal injury compensation

One musician from Henley has recently received £1.1 million in personal injury compensation for injuries he sustained during a road traffic accident where he had been run over whilst on foot at a pedestrian crossing.

A drink driver knocked down Tavenor Douglas, of Gainsborough Road, on a pedestrian crossing near the London Natural History Museum, reported the Henley Standard newspaper.  Mr Douglas, now aged forty one, had been out celebrating his 35th birthday when the accident occurred.

Mr Douglas’ personal injury lawyers told the court that following the collision he had been rushed to the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital where he lay in a coma for a week.  Then the musician spent the next month on the intensive care ward of the hospital.

The musician suffered injuries to his pelvis, spine, and face, in addition to a fractured skull, which left him with brain damage.  In addition to the severe mobility and speech problems he now faces, Mr Douglas will now have to deal with long-standing neurological and psychological issues as well, said his personal injury solicitors.

The London High Court awarded Mr Douglas more than £1.1 million dollars in compensation after he made a successful claim against the insurance company of the driver.  The motorist later entered a plea of guilty for driving under the influence of alcohol and now faces a three year ban on driving, in addition to a fine of £400.

Tragically, the musician had been completing work on his debut album at the time of the accident.  Following his debilitating injuries, he no longer has the ability to play an instrument or sing, but Mr Douglas has hopes to release his already completed recordings sometime in the immediate future.

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