£2m in personal injury compensation for twin children

After a Hertfordshire boy and his twin sister suffered birth complications from alleged medical negligence, the hospital responsible for their injuries have agreed to pay £2 million in personal injury compensation to the two children.

Now both eleven years old, Thomas and Rachel Hartley have suffered from spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy for their entire lives. Their conditions were caused by a lack of oxygen in the womb after doctors neglected to realise that their mother had entered premature labour.

Doctors then prescribed medications to mother Joanna to preserve the pregnancy.  The children’s personal injury solicitors stated that doing so was the direct cause of the brain damage the twins sustained.  Both Thomas and his sister are completely dependent on wheelchairs due to their condition.

The Hemel Hempstead Hospital denied any medical negligence on their part.  However the hospital did agree to pay £2 million in personal injury compensation for Thomas to cover the costs of his future rehabilitation and care.  The funds will be placed into a trust fund for the 11 year old boy.

His twin sister’s compensation award has not yet been finalised.  However Rachel’s damages will be decided upon later in 2011 in an additional hearing according to the family’s injury solicitors.

The High Court Judge presiding over the hearing that approved the settlements had high praise for the parents of both Rachel and Thomas.  The Judge stated that the twins had been provided excellent care by both parents.  He was sympathetic to them both for the anxiety and hardship they have had to face in caring for their two children.

A West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust spokesman also expressed sympathy for the family, stating that it was gratifying to see the court approve the settlements that had been agreed to by both the NHS Trust and the children’s parents.

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