Medical negligence highlighted at National Birth Trauma Awareness Week

This week is National Birth Trauma Awareness Week and at the start of the week a couple from Kidsgrove revealed how their son was left with severe brain damage due to the medical negligence of staff during his birth.

Their son, Nathan, who is now 12 years old, was awarded an £8 million medical negligence compensation package after his parents and medical negligence solicitors fought a long legal battle against the University Hospital of North Staffordshire NHS Trust.

Nathan Humphries was deprived of oxygen during his mother, Beverley’s labour and as a result he developed cerebral palsy. He is now permanently brain damaged with impaired speech and movement.

The hospital admitted medical negligence and accepted that medical staff should have checked Mrs Humphrey’s blood pressure while she was giving birth and that they should have carried out a continuous CTG trace to determine whether Nathan was in distress.

Independent medical experts discovered that if Beverley had given birth a few minutes earlier, Nathan would not have sustained brain damage.

The settlement included a lump sum award of slightly over £3 million followed by yearly payments so that Nathan can buy the care and equipment he needs for the remainder of his life. His parents intend to use some of the award to purchase a home which can be specially adapted to their son’s requirements.

Beverley pointed out that although Nathan was a wonderful boy, he would never be able to participate in activities that other young boys take for granted.

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