Personal injury compensation award to family of crushed man

A team of personal injury solicitors recently won compensation for the family of a man killed in a tragic accident at a waste disposal site.

The man had visited a local recycling centre in order to dispose of some waste from his garden. Whilst there, a large vehicle shovel crushed him against a wall causing fatal injuries to his spine and chest. The employee who was driving the vehicle did not see the man and misjudged the shovel’s position.

The victim left behind a spouse and daughter who were both devastated by the accident. The wife believed the accident would not have happened had the company responsible for the site taken proper health and safety measures.

According to the results of the inquest into the incident, there were a number of factors that contributed to the man’s death. These included an absence of signage, insufficient onsite staff and a lack of formal health and safety procedures for operating the digger.

The family of the victim lodged a personal injury claim, and with the help of personal injury lawyers, won a substantial amount in damages after the waste company admitted liability for the accident. The personal injury compensation award included an interim payment to help with expenses while the case was ongoing, bereavement damages and loss of income compensation.

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