8 year old’s family wins her medical negligence claim

The family of one eight year old girl who had been left with severe brain damage at birth in the wake of medical negligence on the part of maternity staff has recently been awarded £8.75 million in personal injury compensation at London’s High Court.
Born on 16 March 2003 at St Mary’s Hospital, Portsmouth, Darcie Hooper was diagnosed with tetraplegic brain palsy after having been starved of oxygen during childbirth when clinical staff missed vital signs on monitoring equipment that indicated foetal distress, according to personal injury solicitors.
The young eight year old girl, who has been described as ‘affectionate,’ is dependent upon others for the remainder of her natural life as a result of her birth injuries.

On behalf of her daughter, Darcie’s mother Janet Hooper brought legal action against Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust.  After making an admission of liability for Darcie’s tragic injuries, the Trust has agreed to release funds to her family through a series of interim payments

The final settlement of the claim was approved recently by Mrs Justice Cox.  The total compensation award is comprised of a lump sum payment of £4.2 million plus annual tax-free and index-linked payments in order to bring the total value of the agreement to approximately £8.75 million.

The Trust publicly apologised to Darcie’s family through a representative.  The spokesman staetd that there was ‘profound regret’ that Darcie suffered such grave injuries in addition to the circumstances that led up to the injury in the first place.

The spokesman added that the NHS Trust hoped that some assurances have been given hat such terrible mistakes  will not be made again in the future.

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