Understand the claims process, say personal injury solicitors

Many personal injury solicitors have recently stated that people with possible legal claims need to seek out experts to gain the knowledge needed to understand the process.

Clients who wish to make a claim for personal injury compensation should approach injury solicitors in order to gain understanding of the process.  Clients should be able to approach legal experts with the knowledge that they may be likely to win their compensation claim, yet many will not have any understanding of the key components of such a claim.

Many injury claims are done under the personal injury pre-action protocol.  This protocol is often used and is the most likely way that injury solicitors will deal with a personal injury claim.

Firstly, lawyers produce a letter of claim that states the circumstances of the incident that took place that led to a client’s injuries.  This letter also alerts the defendants, who then have as many as 21 days to formally acknowledge the receipt of the letter of claim.

The next possible step is a process that can take as long as three months while the defendants assess the claimant’s injury claim.  This will help them make the determination of whether they were at fault or responsible for the claimant’s injuries.

In the event that the defendants deny fault, they must then provide evidence to justify their conclusions.  A claimant’s legal representatives will then examine any evidence put forward by the defendant in order to evaluate it.  If the decision is made to proceed with a personal injury claim, the claimant can then take the defendants to court.

However if the case’s defendants admit liability for a claimant’s injuries then the claimants lawyers will begin discussing the nature of the claimant’s compensation and how much they may be entitled to.

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