£17,000 compensation for personal injury at work

A bus driver who suffered a back injury and damage to his hearing has won his personal injury at work case.

The driver was seated in a bus enclosed security cubicle at the time of the incident, his personal injury solicitor reported. An air cushion underneath the seat suddenly exploded causing the man to sustain personal injuries.

The explosion was extremely loud and immediately afterwards the driver became aware that he had a problem hearing properly. In addition he also suffered a ringing noise in his ear. Furthermore, his seat collapsed causing an injury to his back.

The driver needed 3 months away from work but he still did not undergo a full recovery and there are now various things, such as sitting for long periods and lifting heavy objects, which he is unable to do. His hearing problems are still ongoing and although one ear did improve shortly after the incident, he has hearing loss and tinnitus in the other.

As a result of his injuries, the driver lost his job and had to find alternative employment. He also has to wear a hearing aid permanently. The driver hired a firm of personal injury lawyers to help him pursue a personal injury at work claim on the grounds that his employer had provided him with faulty equipment.

The bus company admitted liability and after out of court negotiations it agreed to pay the driver personal injury compensation totalling £17,000.

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