Polish worker wins £60,000 personal injury compensation

A 57 year old carpenter from Poland has been awarded personal injury compensation totalling £60,000 after a firm of personal injury solicitors took up his case.

The man suffered a personal injury at work after a circular saw he was using caused a serious laceration to his left hand. The saw was defective in as much as the automatic blade guard failed to cover the rotating blade.

He contacted a firm of accident solicitors and with the aid of a Polish paralegal, the English personal injury process was explained to him. The carpenter decided to pursue a personal injury claim against his employer but the employer ignored several requests to provide insurance details.

Eventually, the law firm identified the insurer, and armed with medical evidence, were able to secure a compensation settlement.

Due to the severity of his injury, the victim is now unable to pursue his trade as a carpenter and has returned to his home in Poland so that his family can take care of him.

The legal firm said they have come across several similar instances where unscrupulous employers try to evade their responsibilities to vulnerable employees. Many foreign workers are exploited in this way as they are unaware of the regulations surrounding Health & Safety at Work.

After the successful conclusion to his case, the Polish worker admitted that he would not have made a claim if he hadn’t obtained legal advice because he was afraid of the cost. He went on to say that his employer denied that he was an employee because he did not have a written contract.

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