Plaid Cymru criticises personal injury solicitors

Welsh political party Plaid Cymru has recently been highly critical of a recent personal injury compensation scheme for miners that paid almost literally nothing to a dead claimant but nearly £1,900 in costs to personal injury solicitors.

After a family of a dead claimant was offered just 22p, the Party of Wales hit out at the administration of the scheme.  Their ire was raised even further upon the discovery that the personal injury lawyers that had been handling the claim received nearly £1,886 in court costs, in excess of 8,000 times the actual sum of the initial compensation award.

The revelation comes on the heels of last year’s research conducted by South Wales Central Plaid Cymru candidates Chris Franks and Leanne Wood that made the discovery that more than 3,250 Welsh miners died before they could receive any personal injury compensation under the delay-plagued scheme.

Shocked by the incident, Mr Franks described it as an additional indictment of the method in which the sick and ailing former colliery workers were treated by the Labour party when it held power in London.

Another case was offered compensation of 50p as well.  Both personal injury claims were administered by a Labour Government scheme initiated to award those suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease that had been created after the High Court ruled that miners with chest disease must be compensated.

One Department of Energy and Climate spokesman stated that the dead miner’s family had been offered such a paltry sum due to the unnamed miner’s very little relevant employment following the claim’s qualifying period.  The spokesman stated that the deceased miner also had an extensive medical history of smoking as well.


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