Wet floors can lead to hefty personal injury claims

Employers may want to make sure their workplace stairs and floors are kept dry after a woman sustained a personal injury at work after falling on a wet staircase.

The court clerk, who suffered long-term injuries to her back, knees and shoulders, filed a personal injury claim because she felt her employer had not adhered to health and safety procedures.

The accident happened as the clerk and one of her colleagues were going down some stairs. The clerk was holding onto the banister and carrying some files. When she reached the small landing between two flights of stairs, she slipped due to the wet surface.

It was discovered that the stairs had recently been cleaned, hence the water, but the cleaning staff should have left this task until the end of the day.

The victim needed physiotherapy and a lot of help from members of her family for a number of months after the accident. She still suffers pain and has difficulty walking for long distances. This has affected her ability to perform certain activities and further medical treatment may be necessary in the future. She also runs the risk of developing early-onset arthritis.

When the claim was first filed, the woman’s employer denied liability but her personal injury solicitors pursued the case and liability was accepted. However, a satisfactory compensation offer was not forthcoming and the lawyers began court proceedings. A settlement was eventually negotiated and the woman received personal injury compensation of £40,000.

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