Teacher gets £200k in personal injury compensation

New figures have recently revealed that one teacher received a £200,000 personal injury compensation award last year after slipping on a grape.

The personal injury claim is one of a number of injury cases cases which saw teachers given large sums of money in compensation after sustaining personal injury at work after having an accident at school.

Personal injury solicitor experts also revealed the details of another case wherein a teacher received a £100,000 award after falling over in the school canteen after slipping on some spilt food.

Other claims however were made over instances of unfair dismissal and assaults.The teacher who suffered the slip due to the grape wound up not being able to work after the incident, as it aggravated a pre-existing hernia problem.

The payout covered loss of pension and earnings, stated the teacher’s representative appointed by the National Union of Teachers.  The union stated that the evidence showed the school had been aware of littering problems throughout the premises but had taken no actions to either minimise or prevent the behaviour.

Another member of NUT who had also received compensation for losing their footing due to a grape in a corridor won £20,000 in compensation for a fractured hip, according to the Times Educational Supplement’s recent report.

The NASUWT reaching union released figures highlighting how its members had received more than £10 million for compensation claims completed last year.  Chris Keates, general secretary for NASUWT, stated that the figure showcases the cost of improper maintenance in the country’s schools to the public purse.  Mr Keates added that failure on th part of employers to take the time to pay attention to workplace health and safety leads to a waste of public funding.

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