Can you claim personal injury compensation for an act of god?

Brits love talking about the weather, hardly surprising really when you consider the variations we experience on an almost daily basis.

Sometimes, extreme weather conditions cause people to suffer personal injuries. We’ve all heard about the recent tornados in the southern USA and New Zealand whisking people off their feet, but did you realise that the unlucky victims are not able to claim personal injury compensation?

Volcanoes, tornados, snow storms and scrubland fires are all unfortunate incidents that insurers class as ‘acts of God’ which could not have been prevented by human action and therefore injuries sustained in these events are not covered by insurance policies.

However, with some natural disasters, organisations are obligated to take certain measures to repair the damage before it causes further injuries.

For example, last winter’s ice and snow caused cracks and potholes to appear in British roads. Local councils need to repair the damage and if they fail to do so, cyclists and other motorists who suffer an accident could file personal injury claims against them, citing negligence.

Flooding is another natural disaster that can be prevented. We have had sea defence systems around our coasts for centuries, but these systems need to be maintained. Some authorities have neglected their responsibilities and if this caused loss or injury, a householder would be able to claim damages.

If you believe you have a personal injury through this kind of negligence, you should contact a personal injury solicitor who will be able to advise you of your legal rights.

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