Crewkerne worker suffers serious personal injury at work

In the wake of a fork lift truck accident at a metal engineering company, one Crewkerne, Somerset worker has suffered a serious personal injury at work.

According to personal injury solicitors familiar with the case, Mark Connett was employed by metal engineering firm Metal Tech Precision’s Yonder Hill Site in Chard Junction, Somerset, when the incident occurred.  The thirty six year old was caught beneath the forklift’s load of angle irons when it toppled over as he helped to guide the fork lift, sources said.

Unfortunately the employee sustained serious fractures to his left ankle and knee in the incident.  Mr Connett’s knee was broken so badly that he required a surgical procedure to insert a metal pin into it in order to reconstruct the damage done to his damaged joint.

The Health and Safety Executive launched an investigation shortly after the incident’s occurrence, revealing that the fork lift was using an extension that had been manufactured by the company in-house.  However no testing had taken place on the extension to determine how much weight it could hold safely.

Following a hearing at Yeovil Magistrates’ Court, Metaltech Precision Ltd was found to be in breach of Health and Safety Regulations that resulted in a fine of £5,000 for the company.  The court additionally ordered Metaltech Precision to pay court costs of £4,940.

In the wake of the hearing one HSE inspector stated that fork lift related accidents occurred all too frequently.  However the inspector also stated that if both staff and supervisors would only receive proper safety training many of these accident could easily be avoided.

Many workers such as Mr Connett that become  injured in fork lift related accidents go on to make successful personal injury compensation claims against their employers.

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