Eleven year old girl injured at Birmingham funfair

One eleven year old girl sustained serious personal injuries after being thrown from a ride at a Birmingham funfair, according to personal injury solicitor experts.

The young girl, whose name has been withheld from the media for privacy considerations, suffered a nasty head wound that required a total of ten stitches.  According to personal injury compensation experts familiar with the case, she sustained the injuries after being thrown out of one of the cars of the DJ Jump fun ride which had been based at Birmingham’s Pype Hayes Park at the time.

After the incident was reported to the Health and Safety Executive, the governmental body launched an investigation that discovered that not only was the fun ride’s back-up safety belt not in operation at the time but the lap bar safety device suffered a catastrophic failure as well.  Additional HSE investigations revealed that a vast majority of lap belts on the vehicles of the ride had not been maintained properly, and some lap bars had sustained so much extensive damage that they were completely useless.

Mr Robert Wilkinson, the owner and operator of the DJ Jump ride, was forced to appear at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court for a hearing in which he was found guilty of being in breach of the Health and Safety Act.  Mr Wikinson, who lives in Walsall on Lime Lane, Pelsall, was ordered to pay a fine of £10,000 in addition to being held liable for  £2,708 of court costs as well.

According to accident solicitor experts, one HSE inspector commented after the hearing that he could only describe the incident as one that could have been easily and totally prevented.  The inspector also stated that what should have been a happy family day out ended in fear and pain thanks to the child’s unnecessary injuries.

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