Pothole costs local council personal injury compensation

Local councils may want to prioritise road maintenance work after a moped driver won personal injury compensation after an accident caused by a hole in the road.

The man was riding his moped on a city centre main road in the evening when the accident occurred. He was driving within the speed limit when the wheel at the front of the moped dropped into a large hole. This caused the rear wheel to lift into the air before dropping back onto the road with some force.

The driver managed to stay on his vehicle but suffered an injury to his back which required medical treatment and physiotherapy.

After the incident, the man contacted the local authority responsible for maintain the road and they made arrangements to make good the damage to the highway. However, the driver believed his accident would not have happened if the road had been maintained correctly in the first place. He therefore decided to appoint a personal injury solicitor to help him lodge a personal injury claim.

The local authority initially denied liability for the accident and the case went to court. The victim’s accident solicitor produced evidence to show that the hole in the road was hazardous and, as it was in an area used by a high volume of traffic, should have been better maintained.

The Judge ruled in favour of the claimant and awarded personal injury compensation in respect not only of his injury but for his loss of earnings and other financial considerations.

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