Man wins £100,000 after sustaining personal injury at work

Personal injury solicitors recently won compensation to the tune of £100,000 for a man whose thumb was amputated in a personal injury at work.

The man was using a drill when his hand slipped and was pulled into the mechanism. Although he eventually managed to free his hand, it was too late to save his thumb.

Doctors at the local hospital determined that they could not reattach the digit and skin grafts were placed over the injured area. The man then had to undergo several months of physiotherapy and now has a permanent disability.

As a direct result of his injuries, he is in continual pain and had to stop working. He requires assistance from members of his family with DIY, housework and shopping and he will need a specially adapted car to get about.

He approached a firm of personal injury lawyers because he felt his employer did not have the proper health and safety procedures in place. He and his fellow employees had not been told about the emergency stop button on the drill and he had been provided with the wrong type of gloves for the job. If he had been given gloves that tear easily, the accident could have been prevented.

The employer admitted liability and an interim award was secured. There then followed lengthy negotiations before the two sides could agree on the final personal injury compensation award of £100,000.

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