Personal injury at work for Derbyshire paper company worker

After his hand became trapped in a reel-fed paper machine, one Derbyshire worker suffered a personal injury at work that has recently led to a heavy fine for his Chapel-en-le-Frith based employer.

Personal injury solicitors close to the case state that David Millband, aged forty six, had been working as a maintenance fitter in Bowden Lane’s Crimped Paper Works Ltd factory.  Mr Millband suffered serious injuries to his hand during the incident, leading to his thumb becoming partially severed and three of his fingers to be lost.

Mr Millband was able to return to work after a surgical procedure and a recuperation period that lasted four months.  However, the maintenance fitter’s employer then went into administration, resulting in Mr Millband becoming redundant, said his injury solicitors.

The Health and Safety Executive launched an investigation into the incident, revealing that a safety device on the machine in question had been overridden.  The device had originally been put in place to prevent employees from coming into contact with any moving parts on the inside of the machine, the HSE added.

The Crimped Paper Works appeared at Buxton Magistrates’ Court, where they entered a plea of guilty to being in breach of the  Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations.  The court saw fit to assign a £15,000 fee to the firm, while also ordering it to pay a total of £3,956 in court costs as well.

In the wake of the hearing one inspector for the HSE remarked that the firm had neglected to put proper preventative measures in place to protect its employees from such dangerous pieces of moving machinery. If the company had done so, the worker’s life changing injuries could have been avoided all too easily, added the inspector.

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