Will Clarke stay awake through the no win no fee debate?

Justice Secretary Ken Clarke is keen to be heard when he talks about reforming the UK’s no win, no fee system but less eager to stay awake when other people are making a speech, it would appear.

As President Obama was making his speech to both Houses of Parliament on Wednesday, Mr Clarke dropped off and started happily snoring away. In fact, Mr Obama didn’t just have to contend with snoring from the pews, one person became ill and had to be silently wheeled out of Westminster Hall.

The U.S. President has a relaxed, almost rhythmical tone when he speaks and this could have caused Ken Clarke to drift off during the middle of the speech. It’s not the first time he’s been accused of this behaviour either. He did it during George Osborne’s budget speech in March as well.

During his latest snooze, he could well have been dreaming up his response to a letter he has received from the Legal Action Group about his proposals to reform the legal aid scheme. Mr Clarke wants to put an end to ambulance chasing personal injury solicitors and the personal injury compensation culture that are prevalent in the UK at present.

However, his plans have met with widespread disapproval from various organisations who say that they will be denying justice to people who need it most.

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