Somerset man wins £185k in personal injury compensation

After suffering a personal injury at work that left his foot shattered, one Somerset man has recently won £185,000 in personal injury compensation.

According to personal injury solicitors familiar with the case, the fifty five year old man, who has requested that his name not be made public, had been working for a retail construction and refurbishment firm based in Bristol at the time of the incident. He had been working at an Asda store helping to remove and dismantle large industrial fridges from the building fell when plaster-board under his feet gave way, sending him plummeting over a metre to the ground below.

The West Huntspill man recently related the details of his injury to the Somerset Mercury newspaper, stating that the plaster-board had been used to bridge a gap between two of the large fridges.  However it had become obscured by a large build up of dust, making it appear as if it had been part of the fridge.

The left heel of the married father was shattered as a result of the fall.  He also had to endure several surgical procedures in order to reassemble the broken bones of his foot back together, leading him to miss more than a year and a half of work while he recuperated.  Moreover after discovering that he no longer had the ability to carry out the same sort of work as prior to the incident, he was shortly thereafter made redundant.

Uplands Retail Ltd, the man’s employers, agreed to pay him £185,000 in personal injury compensation in an out of court settlement.  However the Bristol-based retail refurbishment and construction firm refused to accept liability for the man’s injuries.

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