Accidents at work prove costly for employers

A delivery driver has been awarded personal injury compensation of £4,000 after suffering a personal injury at work.

The lorry driver slipped on some cat litter whilst delivering to a Co Durham store in January 2009. He was in the process of unloading his delivery when he slipped on a piece of cardboard that had been placed on the floor to cover spilled cat litter.

The cat litter was spilled during an earlier delivery and because no brush was available to clear up the spillage, a piece of cardboard was placed over it. The driver sustained a severe personal injury to his knee and was prescribed strong painkillers to reduce the pain. It later transpired that he had osteoarthritis and it is thought the accident accelerated the progression of this disease.

The driver filed a personal injury claim against the store, but before the case reached court, the company admitted they were 80% liable for his injury and the two parties agreed settlement of £4,000.

As a result of a separate work accident claim, a Liverpool woman could receive more than £1 million personal injury compensation after slipping on a wet floor at the chip shop where she worked.

In addition to hitting her head and being knocked unconscious, the 56 year old damaged her spinal column and could have to rely on a wheelchair in the future, according to her personal injury solicitors.

The High Court in London ruled that the chip shop proprietor breached Health and Safety Regulations and was therefore 85% responsible for the woman’s injuries.

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