Rider injured, horse killed in RTA say injury solicitors

One rider was injured and her horse slain in a road traffic accident involving an eighty year old driver struck them from behind on the A375 in Devon, state injury solicitors familiar with the case.

Personal injury solicitors state that horse rider Louise Denning needed to be rushed by air ambulance to the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital in the wake of the incident.  Ms Denning was released with only minor injuries following an overnight stay, mostly due to the full length back protector and other safety equipment she had been wearing at the time.

‘Front Page,’ the horse involved in the incident, had to be put down on the scene after it suffered severe injuries.  Front Page had been said to have had an estimated value of £10,000 and had been a promising point to point competitor prior to its death, said one accident solicitor.

South East Devon motorist David Herridge, of Honiton, had been on his way to nearby Sidmouth when he collided with the horse.  The elderly man recalled feeling a slight bump but was otherwise unaware that he had gotten into the traffic collision.

Central Devon Magistrates Court were told that Mr Herridge had actually returned home to his abode in Horiton after pulling into a nearby garage to check his vehicle for damage.  Mr Herridge had assumed he had struck a tree, the court was told.

After admitting to driving without due care and neglecting to stop at the scene of an accident, Mr Herridge was disqualified from driving and given a fine of £215.  Compensatory damages for both the horse’s rider and its owners is being managed by their respective insurance companies.

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