London pensioner trips, claims damages, say injury solicitors

Personal injury solicitors say that one Greater London pensioner is set to claim personal injury compensation from the local council after tripping over broken paving and damaging his ankle.

According to a report appearing in the Ealing Gazette newspaper, Derek Woodward, aged seventy five, had contacted the Council repeatedly in order to report the precarious condition of the pavements near his Ealing home in Curzon Road.  Mr Woodward remarked that he had initially contacted the council due to worries concerning his younger brother.

Mr Woodward’s brother, who walks with the assistance of two walking sticks and lives at the same address, was in danger of falling and hurting himself on the broken and uneven pavement, the seventy five year old pensioner feared.

Unfortunately the pensioner himself became a victim of the poorly maintained pavements despite countless telephone conversations and even after meeting with the chief executive of the council, accident solicitor experts reported.  Mr Woodward suffered a badly twisted ankle after tripping on a dip in the path, he said, and he now has plans to bring a personal injury compensation case against Ealing Council with the hope that it will finally take his concerns over pavement safety in a more serious manner.

The pensioner remarked that the elderly should not have to face navigating poorly maintained pavements and that he wanted to take steps to ensure no one else suffers in the same way he did. Mr. Woodward suffered both torn ligaments and a hairline fracture in the incident.

One Ealing Council spokesperson commented that they were regretful to hear about Mr Woodward’s accident and that there would be a thorough investigation of any provided information.

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