Norfolk teenager wins £4m in medical negligence compensation

One Norfolk teen received more than £4 million in personal injury compensation after it was found that the life changing brain injuries she sustained at birth were caused by medical negligence.

Hellesdon native Tahlia Jade Downes, aged fifteen, was left with brain damage in the wake of her delivery at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, personal injury solicitors familiar with her case recently said.

Left with cerebral palsy after her prolonged forceps delivery, Tahlia will be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her natural life.  Her brain injuries also resulted in her suffering from long term problems with her vision as well.

With the help of Dawn, her mother, Tahlia launched a personal injury compensation claim for her birth injuries against the NHS Trust.  Tahlia claimed that the hospital’s medical staff neglected to deliver her via caesarean section at an earlier and more appropriate stage of her deliver.

The NHS flatly refused to accept the possibility that the young girl’s injuries had been directly caused by the negligence of any of their staff.  However, the NHS did agree that she should receive a compensation award for 70 per cent of her original compensation claim.

A High Court judge recently approved the out of court settlement agreed to by both the NHS and Tahlia.  The settlement, which could prove to be worth in excess of £4 million, would aid in paying for the care and rehabilitation of the teenage girl for the remainde rof her life.

Neither the NHS trust or Tahlia were available for additional commentary in the wake of the High Court judge’s recent approval of the substantial multi million pound settlment award.

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