Young boy injured on tyre swing say personal injury solicitors

Personal injury solicitors have recently reported that after the tyre swing he was playing on collapsed, one young boy sustained serious crush injuries when the apparatus fell upon him.

Blackpool native Jamie Jackson, aged nine, had been visiting the town’s Claremont Park with friends when a section of the tyre swing that was in use at the time collapsed, according to injury solicitors familiar with the case.  The falling metal frame crushed the young boy’s skull, and it was discovered that he had a fractured and depressed skull upon being rushed to the Blackpool Victoria Hosptital.

After discovering that his skull fracture could cause a serious brain injury if untreated, young Jamie was transferred immediately to the Manchester Children’s Hospital, where an emergency neurosurgical procedure was performed.

While Jamie’s parents recently stated that the health of the nine year old boy was their first priority, they did reveal the fact that they are considering lodging a personal injury compensation case against Blackpool Council.

Gregory Jackson, Jamie’s father, remarked that there needed to be proper maintenance of play equipment.  He also said it was ridiculous little boys visiting parks end up in intensive care.

One Blackpool Council spokesman released a statement dealing with the incident, stating that the play equipment had been removed from the park after being dismantled.  An investigation will be launched by the Government’s Health and Safety Executive, the spokesman added, though no information was available regarding when HSE investigators would examine the site of the incident.

The spokesman for the borough council also passed on his wishes for Jamie to make a swift and complete recovery from his serious and possibly life-threatening injuries.

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