Personal injury at work victims often do not file a claim

Despite an increase in the number of companies offering to help people claim personal injury compensation, recent research shows that slightly fewer than 50% of personal injury victims do not make a claim.

Furthermore, the research found that most of the people who did not claim suffered a personal injury at work. 36% of the survey’s respondents did not lodge a personal injury claim after suffering an accident at work.

52% of those who did not claim said they did not know how to, a situation that might distress the personal injury solicitors who spend money on TV advertising. Of further concern is the revelation that 23% worried about finding a reputable accident solicitor to help them.

The results of this research should go some way towards dispelling the perception that we have a compensation culture in the UK.

64% of the people who didn’t raise a claim had to take time off work after their injury. Personal injury compensation is meant to compensate for financial or physical damage incurred as a result of an accident and if time off work is required, the victim may want to get legal advice.

Rather than approaching claims management companies who will take a cut of any compensation award, it’s advisable to go straight to an experienced personal injury lawyer who will know the best way to handle your claim.

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