£2.5m in personal injury compensation awarded to injured man

After he was struck on his head by a falling tree limb and suffered serious brain injuries, one Oxfordshire man has recently received a £2.5 million personal injury compensation award.

According to personal injury solicitor experts writing for the Yorkshire Post newspaper, Woodcote native Jason Thatcher, aged thirty eight, sustained serious personal injury when a limb from a gigantic Atlantic cedar fell and struck him upon his head.  In his own back garden at the time the incident occurred, Mr Thatcher suffered severe damage to his brain stem, resulting in serious impairment to his communication skills, independence, and movement – though the remainder of his brain is functioning in a normal manner despite the ‘locked-in state of his brain stem.

A former worker for the Royal Mail, Mr. Thatcher and his family had been living on land owned by the Sovereign Housing Association.  The property they were living on at the time had been been an arboretum previous to their tenancy, according to personal injury lawyers familiar with the case.

Mr Thatcher’s £2.5 million personal injury compensation payment was awarded at London’s High Court, allowing the man to return to both his wife and their two daughters instead of having to spend month upon month of rehabilitation and convalescence in the Leonard Cheshire disability centre and other local hospitals.  The sizable sum will make it easy for the Thatcher family to buy a home specially adapted to Mr Thatcher’s unique brain stem injuries and enabling his long term care needs to be met for the rest of his life.

The Sovereign Housing Association, which was the defendant in the case, declined an opportunity to comment when approached by members of the media.

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