Car plant operator suffers personal injury at work

One Dagenham, East London Ford car plant machine operator suffered a recent personal injury at work that recently led to a £20,000 personal injury compensation award for the man.

According to personal injury solicitor experts reporting for the Thurrock Gazette newspaper Stanford-le-hope native Barry Lester, sixty four years of age, had been endeavouring to lift a box of car parts up off the top of a stack of similarly packed boxes when the box in his hand became snagged on the box directly beneath it.  This caused Mr Lester to endure the entire stack’s full weight as he was lifting.

A twenty four year veteran of the Dagenham site, Mr. Lester sustained a severe groin strain in the  accident.  Due to the severity of his injuries he had no choice but to stay home from work for nearly an entire month while the groin strain healed properly.

12 months after the initial incident, Mr Lester suffered another unrelated injury that aggravated his condition.  The man stepped on a rotten floorboard in a staff toilet, falling through and re-injuring himself, and once again forcing him to miss more time at his job.

Arguing that not only has he had no choice but to relinquish his favourite activities such as gardening and golf, Mr Lester also stated that he can no longer work overtime at the Ford plant due to the his injuries.

Mr Lester and his legal team pursued a personal injury compensation case against his employer in order to seek damages for his original groin related injury.  Ford admitted liability for the man’s injuries, and in an out of court settlement the company paid the man a sum total of  £20,000.

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