Woman struck by metal pole wins £30,000 compensation

A woman who suffered an accident whilst in an outdoor market has recently been awarded personal injury compensation.

The woman, who has not been named, was walking through the outdoor market when a large metal pole became dislodged from the top of a market stall and fell on her with some force. She sustained a fractured shoulder and also suffered from pains in her neck and head.

The woman underwent various types of treatment including acupuncture, physiotherapy and injections to her shoulder but she still suffers pain and has restricted movement which affects her day to day living.

Before the accident, the woman had a physically active job in a factory but after her injury she had time off work to recover and then had to take on lighter duties and could no longer work overtime. She therefore suffered a substantial loss of earnings.

The victim contacted a firm of personal injury solicitors because she felt that the owner of the stall was responsible for her injury. The lawyers were happy to take up her case and prepared a personal injury claim on her behalf.

The stallholder accepted liability for the accident but in the first instances offered an unacceptably low amount of compensation. An interim award was agreed upon and after negotiations the defendant agreed to pay a total of £30,000 compensation.

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