Personal injury solicitors seek award for sick holidaymakers

Personal injury solicitors have recently launched a campaign to net personal injury compensation for a group of holidaymakers who were brought down by virulent stomach bug whilst at a Bognor Regis holiday camp, sources say.

Approximately two hundred holidaymakers camping at the West Sussex campground known as Butlin’s Holiday Camp in Bognor Regis were struck down by the norovirus outbreak, personal injury lawyers report.  Many of them went on to come down with a debilitating bout of gastroenteritis, which included symptoms of diarrhoea and nausea.

Cheshire native Kathleen Gilmovitch, aged forty three, had spent just three days at the camp when she became a victim of the virus.  Mrs Gilmovitch, of Princes Road, Ellesmere Port recently told the Ellesmere Port Pioneer newspaper that she had to quite literally crawl to the bathroom after falling out of bed because of the severity of her stomach cramps.

Guests of the camp that were brought low by the illness have since been offered a full refund by Butlins.  If requested, the affected guests have also been offered alternative accommodation at Minehead and Skegness as well.

One Butlins spokesperson recently remarked that measures had indeed been put in place to stop the spread of the virus, which include sanitisation and cleansing procedures had been stepped up in order to cease the natural spread of the virulent infection.

The Environmental Health team for Arun District Council commented that the norovirus is spread quite easily, especially in situations where there are high numbers of people within close proximity to each other. The council Environmental Health team also said that the Health Protection Agency had been called in to conduct a full investigation.

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