Man’s personal injury at work costs MoD £10,000

Personal injury solicitors sometimes fight cases on behalf of clients who have suffered hearing loss in a work-related incident.

In one such case, a civilian working for the Ministry of Defence, sustained tinnitus as well as hearing loss in a personal injury at work. The man was maintaining fire safety equipment at the time the incident occurred. His employer had provided him with a kit to carry out the work, but part of the kit did not operate correctly and a hose leading from a pressurised air cylinder exploded next to his ear.

As well as feeling dizzy and nauseous, the victim suffered swelling and bruising inside his ear and he decided to visit his GP for advice. The doctor diagnosed that he had permanent hearing loss and tinnitus and would need to wear a hearing aid.

The victim consulted a firm of personal injury lawyers because he felt the accident would not have happened if he had been given equipment that was in a safe condition. The solicitors agreed to file a personal injury claim against the MoD on his behalf.

Evidence was put forward that regular servicing had not been carried out on the kit and the victim was not trained to do so himself. As a result, the employer had been negligent in its duty to guarantee the man’s health and safety.

The government department did admit full liability for the man’s injuries and he was awarded £10,000 personal injury compensation to cover loss of earnings, treatment and travel expenses to the hospital.

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