Two plasterers suffer personal injury at work in scissor lift

In an accident involving an over-turned scissor lift, two plasterers suffered a serious personal injury at work as they were working to construct a new shopping centre in derby, personal injury solicitors say.

The two men, who have had their names withheld from the public record due to privacy concerns, had been using the scissor lift to transfer one floor to another at the time of the incident, according to personal injury lawyers involved with the case.  Unfortunately for them, the scissor lift over-turned, sending the pair of plasterers plummeting a distance of nearly seven metres while they worked to construct Derby’s new Westfield shopping centre.

Both men, a thirty nine year old Woodhouse worker and his twenty two year old Dronfield colleague, sustained serious injuries the fall.  The younger of the two suffered a broken nose, as well as fractures to his cheekbone and hip, while the older man was said to have suffered fractures to his elbow, eye socket, and skull – while both of them were not only left with very heavy bruising but also off work for a lengthy period of time.

The Health and Safety Executive launched an investigation into the incident, revealing that the scissor lift had been used as a material hoist, which not its intended use.

Ricksmanworth-based Clark & Fenn Skanska Ltd, located in Maple Cross, was assigned a fine of £5,000 for their role in the incident after admitting to being in breach of regulations regarding Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment.  The construction firm was also ordered to pay more than £11,300 in court costs as well.

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