Employee’s personal injury at work costs employer £700,000

A man who was left permanently disabled after a personal injury at work was recently awarded £700,000 personal injury compensation.

Along with his colleagues, the victim was loading refuse he had collected into a wagon. He directed the wagon’s driver around a turn in the road and began to walk past the vehicle. However, unexpectedly the driver started to move again and the man’s foot went under one of the wheels.

The victim sustained severe damage to the foot and required a lengthy hospital stay during which time he had several operations including skin grafts. Unfortunately doctors could not reconstruct his foot and an amputation below the knee was deemed necessary.

The man contacted a team of personal injury solicitors because he felt that his employer was liable for the accident. He claimed that the driver did not follow the correct procedure of making sure nobody was in the way before moving his vehicle.

Prior to the accident, the man was an active participant in sports and his primary occupation was in the construction sector. He is now unable to work, has restricted mobility and cannot enjoy his previous hobbies. Even basic tasks like cooking and cleaning are difficult and he needs help from members of his family.

After drawing up a personal injury claim, the lawyers were able to secure an interim compensation award to help him out until the case was settled. The defendant admitted partial liability and the final compensation award covered him from loss of earnings and housing modifications, amongst other things.

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