Wrongful amputation could lead to £300k in medical negligence

After one police officer from Bournemouth had his leg amputated due to failings on the part of the hospital, he is now seeking as much as £300,000 in personal injury compensation for the medical negligence that saw him lose his leg.

According to personal injury solicitor experts writing for the Bournemouth Daily Echo newspaper, PC Miles Wilson, aged thirty eight, had broken his leg in two different places after responding to an emergency call in Southampton and tripping over a low fence.  However, less than a week after he had been admitted to the Southampton General Hospital, medical staff decided to remove the man’s leg just above the knee.

The decision to amputate PC Wilson’s leg was reached upon hospital staff discovering that, due to his blood supply being restricted by an artery that had become damaged, the police officer had sustained tissue damage.  Now the injured man is claiming personal injury compensation from the NHS Trust for Southampton University Hospitals, as his legal team claims that there was negligence on the part of hospital staff in not properly diagnosing nor treating his injury.

PC Wilson’s team of legal experts also stated that the hospital had made an admission of liability for neglecting to conduct the surgery within a recognised and reasonable time frame.  Despite these claims, however, there was no response from the NHS Trust or any spokesperson on its behalf to either confirm or deny the claims made by PC Wilson’s legal team.

Once a front-line officer before his amputation, PC Wilson now needs the use of a prosthetic leg in order to walk.  However the man has been able to return to light duty work instead.

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