Personal injury lawyers contact millions of motorists

Research from has discovered that one in five British motorists has been contacted by a firm of personal injury solicitors after their personal information was sold on by insurance companies.

The contact usually suggests that the motorist might want to consider filing a personal injury claim if they have been involved in an accident. The survey also discovered that more than 10% of motorists would think about using a no win, no fee service in order to claim personal injury compensation.

However, 52% of drivers think we are developing a culture that blames and claims and 33% believe personal injury lawyers are to blame for the rising cost of motor insurance.

Although more than 10% said they would use no win, no fee lawyers, only 3% have actually done so. And only 13% think the service personal injury solicitors provide is useful.

The COO of, Lee Griffin, said personal injury claims have pushed up the cost of insurance and millions of motorists have been encouraged to make accident claims by personal injury companies.

The effect on the legal system and the insurance industry would be catastrophic if everybody took up these offers and the cost of insurance would sky rocket.

He also stressed whilst genuine claimants are full entitled to compensation, we must put an end to the blame and claim culture before it gets out of hand. Ambulance chasing personal injury lawyers are the only people who are currently benefiting, he added.

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